The Great Reset: why does the WHO promote abortion up to birth?

The WHO – and, in general, the United Nations system – which serves as a legalistic instrument for the establishment of the new world dictatorship, has published a document in which it recommends to governments the abolition of the legal time limit for abortion under any circumstances and without medical justification. The WHO thus promotes abortion up to birth with a simple objective planned for many years: to dispossess women of pregnancy and to establish ectogenesis as the only artificial reproductive process under the pretext of avoiding risks for mother and child, controlling the transmission of genetic diseases to the latter.

The Daily Mail reported on 26 March 2022 the publication of a 210-page report with recommendations on abortion, published on 9 March. Epoch Time points out some of the main aspects of the report, the WHO clearly states its “opposition to laws and other regulations that prohibit abortion based on a gestational age limit”.

The WHO advises that women should no longer need a prescription from a health professional to terminate a pregnancy. The report recommends setting up mail-order pill delivery systems so that women can receive abortion drugs by telephone. The UN organisation also suggests limiting the right of healthcare professionals to exercise their conscientious objection to abortion.

Emmanuel Macron had seized on the Omicron wave in February 2022 to extend abortion from 12 to 14 weeks on the pretext that 2000 patients would be forced to go abroad every year for an abortion.

Decriminalising infanticide and making the unborn child an object of consumption

The idea could well be to make the crime of prenatal and neonatal infanticide disappear; indeed, a very serious publication by two young researchers argued in 2012 that since in certain countries and in certain situations it was permitted to end the life of an unborn child just before birth, why not authorise it just after birth, since the time between these two theoretical events did not justify prohibiting postnatal infanticide. After causing a great stir, this publication has never been withdrawn.

Today, the WHO supports this proposal and considers – on the basis of a purely legal artefact – that the child in the womb is not recognised as a person until it has taken its first breath.

What is the real aim of this policy? But it is very clear… it is to take control of nascent life and strip women of their motherhood. The WFP – also supported by the WHO and thus cascading to all member countries, which are obliged to bring their national laws in line with international ones (binding effect) – would be justified by gene selection to achieve “zero defects”, to choose hair colour, eye colour, etc. Assisted reproduction clinics have grown as never before in the world in the last 10 years.

The global market is estimated at several hundred billion. The ultimate goal of this policy is undoubtedly the development of the artificial womb, i.e. an ectogenesis device allowing the gestation of a human being outside the woman’s body. The emancipation of the body remains the supreme goal of the transhumanists. The artificial womb project is underway, is justified by the care of very premature babies and has already demonstrated its technical feasibility with the successful experiment by Flake et al. in 2017 with a lamb foetus. No one can be fooled by the purpose of this research.

To develop the market and gain public acceptance, it is first necessary to discredit pregnancy, to highlight the risks for mother and child, to allow women to end the life of their child in the womb… it is necessary to objectify the child to be born, to make it a product of everyday consumption, which has been facilitated in France by Ms Taubira’s law on the GPA, which does not hide its membership in Freemasonry where the transhumanist project was born, nor its lethal ideology.

Once again, Covid strangely represents another opportunity effect: vaccination against Sars-Cov 2, especially mRNA vaccines, would affect the female cycle and women’s fertility. Pfizer’s former head of respiratory research, Dr Mike Yeadon, and lung specialist Dr Wodarg, have submitted a petition to the European Medical Agency warning that COVID vaccines may cause female infertility.

“The antibodies produced by the COVID vaccine could render women sterile by attacking a protein necessary for the formation of the placenta. This statement has been challenged by the subsidised press. However, a study conducted in 2021 clearly shows that a significant number of women report a change in their menstrual cycle after vaccination against Covid-19. These findings will undoubtedly serve to justify the use of artificial gestation of procreation for the benefit of the biopower held by the same pharmaceutical industry that harms women (and men) with its vaccines.

To dispossess women of their reproductive function and free themselves from the body to procreate.

Dispossessing women of their reproductive function has long been a fundamental objective of eugenicism, promoted by Michel Simon in his book “De la vie avant toute chose”, written in 1979. After having pushed through the Veil law on abortion in France, which he described as beneficial to humanity, this 33rd degree Freemason also praised in his book the progress of cybernetics for the control of individuals. Henri Callaivet, a former senator and another brother in Freemasonry, worked at the other end of France’s deadly politics bitterly defending euthanasia, which has since progressed with bioethics laws, a tool designed to transgress respect for life and allow the legal elimination of the weakest.

Sars-Cov 2, known to be man-made, represents the starting point of the Great Reset, in which nothing is left to chance. It has accelerated the premature departure of our elderly, as in 2020 the average age of those killed by Covid was 83. A substitute for euthanasia at the end of life.

What a great opportunity Covid is – as officially announced by the globalist economist Pippa Malmgren (World Governement Summit 2022) former advisor to the President of the United States who is working for a global digital currency and the disappearance of paper money, the next stage as of the world dictatorship – because this time it allows to establish the necessary laws for the subjugation of our lives. The perfect dictatorship is one that allows no escape. They are working on it too: Shanghai, where foodless citizens are locked up in high-rise buildings, is a precursor of camps where vaccine refusers and contact cases could be locked up. To think that Europe is not working on such projects is wishful thinking.

by Laurent Aventin

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